Criminal History Record Check - Cannabis Licenses

The Liquor and Cannabis Board does criminal background checks to ensure applicants for a new or renewed license are qualified. The background checks include a criminal record check through the Washington Judicial Access Browser System, the Washington State Patrol, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations database.

The LCB will conduct a threshold review for the following types of convictions:

Conviction Type Conviction Class Time Consideration Determination
Felonies Class A and B convictions 10 years Threshold review if 1 or more
Class C convictions 7 years Threshold review if 2 or more
Misdemeanors Gross misdemeanors and misdemeanors 3 years Threshold review if 3 or more

Individuals under active state or federal supervision will also have a threshold review.

Threshold review refers to a determination by management to issue or deny an application for a license. The criteria for threshold evaluations is listed in WAC 314-55-040 (5). If an application is sent to a threshold review, applicants will have an opportunity to submit information on their behalf for LCB to consider as the application is reviewed.






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