Potency Tax Feasibility Study

The Liquor and Cannabis Board was directed in a 2019 budget proviso to conduct a study of the feasibility of a cannabis tax based on potency, rather than the current sale price structure. The proviso also required the agency to form a work group and submit a report of its finding to the legislature by December 1, 2019.

Workgroup Legislative Report

Workgroup Meeting Handouts

Below is a list of the workgroup members and the organizations they represent.

Name Organization
Billy Nicholson
Laura Hill
Cherie MacLeod
Kim Brady
Mary Mitchell
Mary Brown
Nick Mosely
Brittany Radice
Liz Wilhelm
Rachael Weygandt   
Kevin Haggerty
Andy Brassington
André Unicume
Sheri Sawyer
Gregory Foster
Crystal Oliver
Wade Alonzo
Beatriz Carlini
Jim Mullen
Shelly Baldwin
Julia Dilley
Eric Gaston
KC Franks
Ryan Black
Steve Freng
David Iyall
Willie Frank
Rick Zahler
Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation
Washington State University - Cannabis Research
City of Seattle
City of Seattle
City of Seattle
Cannabis Therapy
Cannabis Testing Lab
Seattle Children’s Hospital
Washington Cannabusiness Association (WACA) - Evergreen Herbal
University of Wwashington – Social Work
WACA – Evergreen Herbal
Department of Revenue
Governor’s Office
Cannabis Observer
Washington Sungrowers Association (WSIA)
Washington Traffic Safety Commission
University of Washington – Scientist
WACA – President
Washington Traffic Safety Commission
Cannabis Surveillance
Cannabis Organization of Retail Establishments (CORE)
Department of Health
Northwest High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas
Nisqually Indian Tribe
Nisqually Indian Tribe
WACA – Retail



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