Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis in Washington State.

As of July 1, 2016 collective gardens are no longer allowed to operate in Washington including most medical cannabis dispensaries. Only businesses licensed by the Liquor and Cannabis Board are allowed to sell cannabis, unlicensed entities were required to cease operations.

On the left of this page are links to important information about taxes, exemptions, cooperatives and many other important topics, as well as contact information in case your question isn’t answered 

Liquor and Cannabis Board
Responsible for licensing and regulation to include producers, processors and retailers

Department of Health
Responsible for patients, caregivers, database, identification cards, and authorizations -Contact

Department of Revenue
Responsible for sales and B&O tax, and tax exemptions -Contact

The WSLCB is the agency responsible for licensing and regulating cannabis. If you have questions pertaining to medical cannabis that are not licensing related you need to contact the Washington State Department of Health or the Washington State Department of Revenue



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