Canopy Reports

The Year One Canopy Report was completed to reflect the results of a canopy survey. The canopy survey was developed at the request of board members at the WSLCB in the fall of 2017. The Canopy Project focused on the collection of relevant data from all producers with an analysis of licensed space utilization.

During the first year the Canopy Team attempted to survey 1,155 licensees. The team completed 792 surveys, encountered 254 licensees that reported no canopy, and was unable to survey 109 licensees. The 792 completed surveys consisted of 778 staff surveys and 14 drone surveys. The data indicates that, on average, both indoor and outdoor canopy space is underutilized. The team did encounter licensees producing above their allotted licensed canopy space however those observations were a small percentage of all observations.

Detailed results and interpretation are available in this report.

Year 2 Report (Published June 2020)
The following report summarizes the second year’s data. Also included is a comparison between years one and two.
LCB conducted a total of 1,565 surveys between 2017- 2019; with 792 in year one and 773 in year two.  You may review the Year 2 Report here.


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