Proficiency Testing FAQ

How do I report results to the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB)?
Specifically authorize the proficiency testing provider to release results to the WSLCB or send your individual proficiency testing report to

How will a pass/fail be decided if one is not provided by the proficiency testing provider?
All data from the participating labs will be combined and statistically evaluated by the approved vendor or analyzed via ASTM D7372, Analysis and Interpretation of Proficiency Test Program Results (05.04)

Which fields of testing are mandatory?
Potency, Microbiology, residual solvents, and pesticides all have programs that have been approved by the WSLCB. If an approved vendor is not available the test is waived until available. (Section 11 of Proficiency Testing Emergency Rules)

Where can I find an up-to-date list of approved proficiency testing programs?

How do I properly investigate a failing result?
Use your corrective action process and other resources such as

Will I lose my certification if I fail a proficiency testing?
Not for failing only one proficiency testing. However, a laboratory must pass two out of three successive rounds of testing. See section WAC 314-55-1025, Sections 5 (b) and 12.

How often do I have to analyze proficiency testing?
Two rounds of proficiency testing per year for each field of testing are required to maintain certification

Can I subcontract my proficiency testing?
No. Subcontracting proficiency testing could result in suspension or revocation of certification per WAC 314-55-1035, Section 1 (e)

Where can I find more information about proficiency testing requirements?
WAC 314-55-1025

I failed my proficiency testing. Do I have to report it to the WAC?
Yes, failure to report proficiency testing results could result in penalties per WAC-314-55-1035, Section 2 (a) (ii)

What vendors are currently approved for use by certified labs?
Emerald Scientific (potency analysis and residual solvents)
NSI Lab Solutions (microbial analysis)

How will micro samples be delivered?
Lyophilized cells in known CFUs provided on hemp flower and leaf

Will results be compared with both LC and GC in the same pool?
Results compared both intra and inter instrumentation.

Can labs enroll in the program that has both THC and THCA?
Labs need to participate in potency with THC, THCA, and CBD.

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