5 Things You Can Do Now

The LCB is Not Yet Accepting Applications.
Although LCB is not yet accepting applications there are steps you can follow to learn more about the future Social Equity Program and how to prepare. The short video, Steps You can Take Now to Prepare for a Social Equity License is also available. 

  1. Learn about the Social Equity Program
  2. Review Social Equity in Cannabis Task Force activities
    The Task Force provided recommendations to the LCB to develop the Social Equity Program
  3. Use this online submission form to submit your questions and ideas
    1. What can we answer for you?
    2. What resources and services can we provide?
  4. Sign up to receive email updates from the LCB
  5. Check out our online resources for Social Equity Applicants
    • If you are considering applying we suggest getting familiar with the various aspects of cannabis licensing.  The tabs in the column to the left have more information.



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