Contract Reports Glossary

Agency Signed Date
The date the contract was signed by LCB.

Legal Name or Vendor DBA
These columns list the name of the awarded contractor. This name is registered with Office of Financial Management (OFM) in the Statewide Vendor (SWV) database.

Agreement Number
The reference number given to procurement for tracking purposes.

Commodity Code
Commodity codes can be looked up using NIGP Commodity Code Search.

Contract Manager
To connect with the Contract Manager send inquiries to and reference the agreement number. The Operational Support Unit will field inquiries and connect you with the appropriate staff member based on your inquiry.

Division Report Headings

  • Board (BD)
  • Director’s Office (DO)
  • Enforcement (ENF)
  • Finance (FIN)
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Info Tech Services (ITS)
  • Licensing (LIC)

MWB Certified
Column will be Y if certification is active.

Procurement Types

  • Competitive Grant
    Funding is a process of proposal selection based on the evaluation of a reviewer or team of reviewers. Funding is based on the merits of the application, and recipients are not pre-determined.
  • Direct Award Buy
    Acquisitions under $10,000 do not require a competitive process.
  • Emergency
    No competition, or justification required for emergency purchases made in response to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of an agency which present a real, immediate, and extreme threat to the proper performance of essential functions and/or may be reasonably expected to result in excessive loss or damage to property, bodily injury, or loss of life.
  • Entitlement Grant
    Provides funds to agencies based on a formula, prescribed in legislation or regulation, rather than a peer or project review. The formula is based on such factors as population, enrollment, per capita income, or a specific need such as percentage of students receiving free/reduced lunch.
  • Exempt from Competition (approved by DES)
    Such requests must be addressed to the DES Director and signed by the Agency Director. The request must include a detailed explanation of the proposed exemption, how it is necessary for the agency to fulfill its mission, and how granting the request aligns with the intent of the law.
  • Interlocal Agreement
    An interlocal agreement (Chapter 39.34 RCW) is a written contract between local government agencies such as a city, a county, a school board or a constitutional office. Any time a public service involves the joint operations and budgets of two or more local government agencies, an interlocal agreement must be written and approved by all parties prior to joint activity or expenditures.
  • Leasing
    A contract by which one allows use of real estate, equipment, or facilities for a specified term and for a specified fee.
  • Master Contract – Second Tier 
    Competition is required. A secondary competition, work request, among a pre-qualified pool of vendors to provide a specific service according to specified contract terms that may include specific details such as work period and other requirements within the scope of a Master Convenience Contract.
  • Master Contract No Competition
    Vendors previously completed an established contract where use is optional and further competition is not required.
  • "Other"
    This may be used as a place holder when entering data.
  • RFI
    Request for Information – Used as a means of technical discovery and to gather information about the degree of competition or resource availability.
  • RFP
    Request for Proposal - Used to solicit proposed solutions to a set of functional requirements and/or technical specifications and often includes the acquisition of both goods and services.
  • RFQ
    Request for Qualifications – Used to determine the qualifications of a vendor to deliver goods and services.
  • RFQ2
    Request for Quote - Used to solicit specific price quotes.
  • RFQQ
    Request for Quotation and Qualification is used to solicit specific price quotes and determine the qualifications of a vendor to deliver goods and services.
  • Sole Source/ Special Market Condition (filed and exempt)
    No competition, justification is required. The vendor is clearly and justifiably the only practical source of the service. Sole source Contracts/Amendments must be accompanied by documentation justifying the sole source procurement.


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