Traceability Contingency Plan

Current Information on the Traceability Transition
Until the new Leaf Data System is implemented, we are operating under the Contingency Plan. Please visit the Traceability Reporting page to learn how to report traceability using the Contingency Plan. Visit the Leaf Training for Licensees page for information about learning how to navigate within the new system. 
Contingency Plan in Effect until January 1, 2018
The contingency plan will end January 1, 2018 when the new Leaf Data Systems traceability system is implemented.To ensure you are prepared, please visit the Leaf Training for Licensees page for training information. 
UPDATED Webinar Recording Available: WSLCB Marijuana Licensee Contingency Plan Reporting 
Updates have been made to Manifest and Destruction Reporting after yesterday's Contingency Plan Reporting Webinar.
Click here to view the updated recording of the WSLCB Marijuana Licensee Contingency Plan Reporting webinar to learn how to report during the Contingency Period. You will need to register to watch the webinar. The recording will begin playing immediately after you click "Register." If you previously viewed the webinar, and only wish to view the updates made, please fast forward to the 40:00 minute point. 
 Four Key Things to Know Regarding Contingency
  1. The information that we are requesting via the contingency plan is information that you are currently required to collect and retain; 
  2. There is no halt to business during the contingency period. You may conduct business as usual. That includes transfers, sales, harvest, etc.; 
  3. As you do today, you must keep a record of all required activity associated with your business. If you have a third-party, commercial software provider consider contacting them to review your coverage. Some software systems may capture traceability transactions for later reporting which may minimize your manual reporting requirements.; and 
  4. The LCB will continue to enforce rules and regulations during this period. 
Licensees will be able to conduct business as normal during this time frame. On the left side of this webpage are links to FAQs, reporting documents, and specific information that licensees will need during this interim period. 

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