Traceability FAQs

It's common knowledge that Leaf was implemented with defects. How many known bugs are there in the Leaf Data Systems software? How many of these are critical? What is the repair timeline?
There are approximately 150  known and documented bugs in the software system at this time. Any bugs that were critical and blocked workflow (stopping product from moving through the supply chain) were resolved before Leaf Data Systems was implemented on February 1. If a reasonable workaround was identified for a bug, the bug may still be under repair. Bugs are identified and prioritized using a severity scale, with Severity 1 being the most critical, and Severity 4 being low. Bugs with the highest severity levels are always addressed first.
  • Severity 1 – Critical: deems system inoperable
  • Severity 2 – High: affects accuracy of production data and/or inhibits the ability for compliance with reporting requirements. Does not deem system inoperable, but disrupts normal business operations.
  • Severity 3 – Medium: Data is accurate, system is usable but not functioning as designed.
  • Severity 4 – Low: A cosmetic deficiency, such as a spelling error or color irregularity that doesn’t affect system functionality

Releases are planned throughout the summer to bring the software to its full capacity.

Some of the training modules posted on the Leaf Training for Licensees page are not current and have errors. Will these be refreshed?
MJ Freeway is in the process of reworking the “Introductory Webinars on Leaf Data Systems: An Overview” series. Until the updates are made, the older videos will remain posted.

There is currently no training available for labs. Why not?
A webinar was recorded for labs on Administrative Setup, Inventory Management, and Lab Results. This link is available on the Leaf Training for Licensees page. WSLCB has contacted MJ Freeway about creating more training materials for labs.

What is being done to improve communications with licensees? The LCB keeps telling licensees to go to the website. Why aren’t more real time updates provided?
WSLCB acknowledges there are always struggles with using a listserv communications method. Now that licensees are active in Leaf Data Systems, WSLCB is able to extract current email addresses of all Leaf Users and use this for distribution of messages. The website is updated as frequently as possible, and is the best place to seek the most current information available. WSLCB makes every effort to add new information to the website in a timely fashion.


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