Getting Started with Leaf Data Systems

Leaf Data Systems

Leaf Data Systems is the Traceability system for Washington State. To begin accessing Leaf Data Systems for traceability, you will need to follow some basic steps, covered below. 

If you need additional support or are experiencing issues, contact Leaf Data Systems directly at 855-657-2372.or and they can help you navigate through your issue. LCB and MJ Freeway are working together to ensure that issues are addressed as quickly as possible. 

Where do I start?
Anyone at a business using Leaf Data Systems directly (without a third party provider) must have a Secure Access Washington (SAW) account and a unique email address. SAW is a single-sign on application gateway used by the state of Washington to simplify access to internet-accessible government services. Businesses that use a third party software provider will also need to access Leaf Data Systems directly at least once, and therefore must have a system administrator with a SAW account too. SAW works like a key to your office building. Create a SAW account here.

Initially, the only person who will be able to access Leaf Data Systems and make changes for your business is the initial system administrator. Administrators should be business owners or key staff persons. The initial system administrator account is set up based on the email address provided to LCB during the licensing process. Each business is responsible for setting up any additional LEAF users and assigning their authorization levels within the system.

Log Into Leaf Data Systems and Retreive Your API Key
Whether or not you use a third party software provider, you will need to log into Leaf Data Systems at least one time. Log into Leaf Data Systems at  If you don't use a third party software system, logging into Leaf Data Systems via will be your normal practice. 

Licensees who use a third party software system will need to retrieve an API Key to share with their third party providers. An API key is a unique identifying credential that is necessary for your third party provider to have to integrate with Leaf Data Systems. Follow these steps to retrieve your API key

Working with your third party integrator
Commercial cannabis software systems (third party integrators) registered with the State of Washington have been provided credentials from Leaf Data Systems to integrate with the system. You should check with your third party provider to confirm they've validated with Leaf Data Systems. More information for third party integrators and a list of Validated Integrators is available at the Info for Third Party Integrators page. 

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