Info for Third Party Integrators

Information for Third Party Integrators 
As WSLCB transitions to Leaf Data Systems for our traceability solution, we will make every effort to ensure the shift is as seamless as possible for third party integrators. Please visit this page often to find the most current information available. 
The contract with MJ Freeway was signed July 11, 2017.  The transition to the new Leaf system must be complete by October 31, 2017.
Each of the following activities, which all have subcomponents, must be completed for a successful transition:
  • System configuration with WA State rules (presently underway)
  • System testing 
  • Training (estimate of 3,500 users)
  • Third party software integration and validation
  • Data conversion


To be successful with a highly compressed timeline, we are asking for your support and cooperation.


Software Integration Process

  • The Washington (WA) test environment with LEAF Data Systems base code is now available. Visit
  • The base code will not initially be customized for WA requirements - there will be ongoing changes to the system and the API through October. 
  • The WA test environment is where we will release regular updates as we test configuration changes. This is where you will see progression toward production-ready code. Your feedback will be solicited during the release and update process. 
  • Release notes will be published with each release into the WA test environment so that integrators know exactly what is being updated. 
Request Credentials to Access the Test Environment
Integrators can request credentials and test sites for their third party business solution(s) by sending an email to with the following information:
Company Name:
Point of Contact Name:
Point of Contact Phone Number:
Point of Contact email address:
If the developer is someone different from the point of contact (please note we use email address as user name):
Developer Name:
Developer email address:
Once the MJ Freeway Support team receives your email message, they'll establish your credentials and send a return email for you to set up a password. The link to set your password will be valid for 24 hours.
Access API Information and Code Documents on WA Test Environment
Click on the "API" dropdown box next to LEAF Data on the top banner/navigation bar to view:
  • API About (documentation)
  • API Test (functions and test bed)
  • Release notes
Validation with MJ Freeway for Washington’s Traceability System
Software validation will occur after we build the WA State system. The current test environment does not reflect WA State Traceability Requirements. The current test environment is a generic, base system. The system will be progressively refined with WA State Rules. Software validation will occur in late September/early October prior to conversion, once the WA State system is configured.
Validation Process 
  • Integrators will develop against their WA Leaf Data Systems test account.  This will involve both integration and validation work 
  • At present, we envision the following calls (compliance criteria) for software validation, though this list may change before the validation process commences:
  • Batch
  • Disposal
  • Inventory
  • Inventory_adjustment
  • Inventory_transfer
  • Lab results (for Testing Lab licensees only)
  • Plant
  • Sale
  • Tax
  • User
  • Harvest batch
  • MJ Freeway will pull logs after the integrator reports that the required API calls have been completed
  • MJ Freeway will evaluate required calls for successful completion:
    • Calls contain required data
    • Review for excessive number of calls 
    • Determine if any calls returned errors
  • If calls successful, then integrator will be added to validated vendor list – vendor will be posted to approved vendor lists on MJ Freeway and WSLCB websites and the vendor will be notified 


Resources for Integrators


Submit Questions

If you have a question or issue, please use our Third Party Integrators Webform

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