Cannabis Licensing FAQ

When will the WSLCB open the application window for new cannabis retail or producer licenses?
The Board has no plan to open the window for new retail or producer licenses at this time. Please sign up for our GovDelivery list, to receive important updates about application windows and other industry specific regulatory information. 
What criminal history might prevent me from getting licensed?
The WSLCB employs a disqualifying criminal history point system based on the type, number, and dates the crimes were committed. Criminal convictions may prohibit you from obtaining a cannabis license. All true parties of interest on a cannabis license are required to fully disclose their entire criminal history. An applicant must go through the licensing process in order to determine qualification for licensure. Please reference WAC 314-55-040 for specific information regarding criminal history. 
What if a pending cannabis retailer wants to change locations due to being in a moratorium or ban?
Applicants may change location with permission of their investigator; however, they must stay in their assigned jurisdiction when relocating. If a current retail licensee wants to change locations within their jurisdiction, they may do so by submitting a Change in Location request through BLS. Change applications are available on the BLS website.
How long must I be a resident of Washington for a new application?
Per RCW 69.50.331(1)(c), all applicants applying for a cannabis license must have resided in Washington State for at least six months prior to applying for a cannabis license. All partnerships, employee cooperatives, associations, nonprofit corporations, corporations and limited liability companies applying for a cannabis license must be formed in Washington. All members of the business must meet the six-month residency requirement. Licensees must maintain Washington State residency.
Can I just walk in my processor application to the WSLCB?
Please do not bring your processor application in to the office. Mail your processor applications to the WSLCB. You must submit the $250 application fee with the application. Please see the cannabis licensing section of our website for instructions and more information on submitting applications. 
What documentation do you need from the local authority to confirm they changed the 1,000 foot buffer requirement?
We require a signed and dated ordinance from your local authority.
Will adding shelving increase my plant canopy?
Yes, shelving/scaffolding to add layers of live product (sometimes called a vertical grow) will add plant canopy and increase square footage equal to that of the shelving/scaffolding. Under WAC 314-55-010 (23), Plant Canopy is defined as the square footage dedicated to live plant production, such has maintaining mother plants, propagating plants from seed to plant tissue, clones, vegetative or flowering area. Plant canopy does not include areas such as space used for the storage of fertilizers, pesticides, or other products, quarantine, office space, etc. 
Previously I was operating at 70 percent of the cannabis Business’s total production potential, since the 30 percent plant canopy restriction has been removed can I now increase to the maximum production amount for my licensed tier? 
Yes, the previous 30 percent plant canopy restriction has been rescinded and cannabis businesses can now increase to produce the full amount for their licensed tier levels. If you need to make any structural or security system changes to the business, you must submit a ‘Change in Floor Plan’ application, which is available on our website. If you are a licensed producer and would like to expand your plant canopy to the allotted maximum for your tier at your licensed location, and it will not require any structural or security system changes, then please follow the instructions posted on our website. 
After I have a cannabis license, can I make changes to my cannabis business? 
After you are licensed, you can make changes if you follow the application process. Applications for changes to your cannabis businesses are posted online. The application must be submitted before you make any changes to the licensed cannabis business. Applications will be assigned to an investigator, who will provide more information regarding the next steps in the change process.
When can I begin making changes to my licensed cannabis business? 
Licensee(s) cannot make changes until the assigned Licensing Specialist reviews the application, receives any additional required documents and gives approval. 
What type of changes require additional certifications?
  • If the business is adding a kitchen area to process any ingestible cannabis infused products, the kitchen area must be inspected and certified through the Washington State Department of Agriculture (DOA). The DOA charges a fee for this inspection.
  • If the business is adding extraction methods that use dangerous or combustible materials, the extraction machines must be certified by the Board’s cannabis Examiner Unit. 
Your assigned investigator will provide you more information about required inspections and certifications.
Can I accept funds from an out-of-state financier? 
Yes, but the business must first apply and receive approval to use these funds. The business cannot accept any funds from a financier until you have received approval from your assigned investigator. All financiers must be a resident of the United States. 
Obstacles at the business’s current location have prevented it from fully functioning as a cannabis producer and/or processor, am I able to apply for a change of locations?
Yes, licensed cannabis producers and/or processors may submit a business license application through Department of Revenue’s Business Licensing Services to change locations. However, your currently licensed location must maintain all requirements outlined in the Washington Administrative Code, to include the security requirements contained in WAC 314-55-083, until after your new location passes Final Inspection and the change of location application receives approval from the Board.
When can I register my Co-op?
The Board is currently accepting registrations for medical cannabis cooperatives. For more information regarding cooperatives and the registration process please click here.
When my medical cannabis endorsement is approved, is it active?
Yes, your medical cannabis endorsement is activated when you receive approval from the Board.
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