Marijuana Licensing FAQ

What documentation do you need from the local authority to confirm they changed the 1,000 foot buffer requirement?
We require a signed and dated ordinance from your local authority.

Will adding shelving increase my plant canopy?
Yes, shelving/scaffolding to add layers of live product (sometimes called a vertical grow) will add plant canopy and increase square footage equal to that of the shelving/scaffolding.

When will the LCB open the application window for producers?
It is unknown at this time when an application window for producers may open.

What criminal history might prevent me from getting licensed?
The WSLCB employs a disqualifying criminal history point system similar to liquor. A felony conviction will prohibit you from obtaining a marijuana license if the conviction was in the last 10 years. An applicant must go through the licensing process in order to determine qualification for licensure; however they may reference WAC 314-55-040 for specific information regarding criminal history. 

What if a pending retailer wants to change locations due to being in a moratorium or ban?
The applicant may change location with permission of their investigator; however they must stay in their assigned jurisdiction when relocating. They may relocate outside their jurisdiction once they are licensed by completing an application with Business License Services (BLS) at the Department of Revenue.

If a current retail licensee wants to change locations, they may do so by submitting a change in location request through BLS. However, the LCB’s present priority is getting new applicants licensed first. 

How can I gather documents for priority verification?
The documents we will be requesting may include the following, depending on what is applicable to the entity applying:

  • Proof of employment or ownership of a dispensary/collective prior to January 2013. (EX: pay stubs, business license application for dispensary.)
  • Proof that one applied for a recreation retail application in 2013. (EX: business license application through BLS.)
  • Proof of state/municipal business licenses if applicable. (EX: copy of Local County or city license from dates of operation of dispensary.)
  • Proof of payment for state and all other applicable taxes (EX: Dept. of Revenue print out confirming up to date and history of tax payments.)

Am I able to apply for a retail license since I am a producer and/or processor? Am I able to have a relative apply?
This is known as “Vertical integration” and is not allowed. You cannot hold a producer/processor and retailer license. If another entity or relative holds a retailer license, and you are a producer and/or processor, you may not take profits, make business decisions, be a true party of interest, or have any other financial gain/interest in their business.

Can I just walk in my processor application?
No, you must send it in via postal mail.

How long must I be a resident of Washington for a new application?
Six month residency is now required for new applications/changes and new financiers/members.

Will I have a 30 day grace period to change locations after being assigned?
No, you will need to have your location established when you are assigned a license investigator and complete the address confirmation form. After this changing locations would require you to withdraw and re-apply.

Can I use a 1099 form as verification of employee for a dispensary?
Yes a 1099 form would suffice for verification of employment.

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