Applying for a Cannabis Alteration

Applying to Alter Cannabis Operating and/or Site Plan
The LCB has simplified the process for licensed cannabis facilities to alter or change operating and floor plans. Many of these changes do not require a full investigation and will be handled by alterations staff. Changes that require a full investigation will be sent to the Cannabis Unit for processing. There is no application fee for Operating and/or Site Plan changes.

Floor plan alterations:

  1. Are related primarily to your floor plan, not your operating plan.
  2. Do not require a financial investigation: the funding for the change is coming from your business profits, or you do not need to spend more than $1,000 of additional funds.
  3. Do not require a real property investigation- no changes are being made to your lease or location.

To apply for a cannabis operating and/or site plan change, please send the application , along with a copy of your proposed floor plan, to

If you are making changes to your operating plan, using an outside source of funds for costs over $1,000, or if your lease will be changed, we will route the application to the Cannabis Unit for processing.


  • Alteration
    • Changes to cameras or points of sale
    • Increasing plant canopy within your tier
    • Structural changes to walls, rooms, or doors
    • All funds to make the change are from business profits
    • Additional funds from an outside source are less than $1,000
  • Request to Alter Cannabis Site and/or Operating Plan
    • Changes to products
    • Adding activity or processing method, extractions and edibles
    • Expanding into new suite (requires updated lease)
    • Funding over $1,000 coming from an outside source
    • Splitting or combining producer/processor privileges


You are not required to submit an application for changes that have no cost or minimal costs and do not change any information on the current floor plan or operating plan on file with the WSLCB. Examples of changes that do not require an application include:

  • Moving a table
  • Adding ATMs

If you have questions about alterations, please contact us at (360) 664-1600 or




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