LCB Application Tips

Application for Adding a Financier or Adding Funds from Existing Business Member(s): $80 (TITLE)
Add funds to the business from a financier or existing business member who is loaning, gifting or investing money. Separate forms need to be completed for each person contributing funds. A financier adds funds into the business without an expectation of ownership in the business. The financier and spouse are aware they will undergo a financial and criminal background check. Out-of-state financiers are allowed, but each financier and spouse must pass background checks.

Adding/Removing Spouse, With No Change in Business Ownership Interest: $80
This does not replace your annual report with the Secretary of State. This is only to add/remove a spouse in the case of marriage or divorce, without causing changes to the business’s ownership interest. If the spouse currently owns or will own part of the business, then adding/removing this spouse will require the Change in Governing People application to be submitted in lieu of this form.

*A copy of the marriage certificate or divorce decree will be requested

Change in Floor Plan and/or Operating Plan: $80
Use this to request changes to your licensed premises or operating plan. The addition of extractions and/or production of ingestible marijuana products (edibles, tinctures, etc.) may require additional certification from the Department of Agriculture and/or the Marijuana Examiners Unit. Proposed changes to the licensed premises must include a floor plan showing all of the requirements listed on the attached key. This form cannot be used to request a change in licensed tiers or a change of location.

Request to Add Processor License: $266
Add the Marijuana Processor’s Privilege if you are currently licensed only as a Marijuana Producer. You may only add one Processor’s license. The Processor’s privilege will be added at the Producer’s licensed location. Changes to the business’s floor plan can be incorporated into this application if they are associated to adding the processor’s privilege.            

Financiers can be added to complete Changes to the Floor Plan and/or Operating Plan, or Adding a Processor License. A separate application to add funds from a Financier or Existing Business Member will not be required if the added funds are associated with the changes being made.


*If the business is planning to apply for multiple changes please contact Customer Service at (360) 664-1600, or at (

**If you are currently working on a pending change application please contact your assigned Licensing Specialist before submitting additional change applications.


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