What to Expect when Applying for a Liquor License

This step-by-step license application guide will help you understand the process and what to expect along the way.

This page is a reference tool and will serve as a general timeline for your application process.

Timing: On Average, 60-90 days Before License is Issued
From start to finish the licensing process takes, on average, between 60-90 days.

We want you to be fully aware of where you are in the process at any given time. The best way to learn about where you are in the process and understand what to expect next is to take a few moments to follow this online guide. So, let’s get started.



  • Business Licensing Services (BLS): The Department of Revenue division that accepts your initial business application and license fee.
  • Customer Service. Friendly team of WSLCB licensing professionals that will be the initial handlers of your liquor license application.
  • Licensing Investigators: Small team of licensing professionals that will examine your application. They will be your point of contact throughout the application process.
  • Local Authority. The local government entity that, by law, must be notified of your application. The local authority is typically the city mayor, police chief or county sheriff. The local authority has 20 days to object to any license application. If your license has a local authority objection, the WSLCB will suggest that you work with the local authority to resolve the issue.

Now that we know who will be working on your application, let’s continue.


Getting Started

Phase 1: Getting Started on Your Liquor License Application




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