Interim Policies


  • BIP-02-2010 - Making Changes to the Sports Entertainment License for Seasonal Amateur Sports and Suggesting a Prorated License Fee
  • BIP-09-2009 - Making Changes to the WA State Label Approval Program
  • BIP-01-2009 - Application of Agency Key Impact Evaluation Tool
  • BIP-1-07 - Guidelines for Determining That an Area is "Adequately Served" Under RCW 66.24.420 (5)
  • BIP-1-06 - Sports/Entertainment - Darkened House (Divisional Recommendation)
  • BIP-00-4 - Exceptions to License Fee refund Regulation


  • BIP-02-2014 - Limits on Marijuana Producer Applications
  • BIP-02-2009 - Liquor Suppliers Social Responsibility Survey Pilot
  • BIP-05-2009 - Delegation of Authority on Filing Pre-Proposal Statement of Inquiry
  • BIP-03-2011 - Beer and Wine Tasting at Farmer's Markets
  • BIP-04-2011 - VIP Airport Lounge Liquor License
  • BIP-05-2011 - Spirits Sampling in State and Contract Liquor Stores
  • BIP-02-2012 - Central Warehousing
  • BIP-03-2012 - Records of Licensee Spirits Purchases 
  • BIP-05-2012 - Beer/Wine Specialty Shops
  • BIP-06-2012 - Reporting Requirements for Spirits Retail Licensees, Spirits Distributor Licensees, Distiller Licensees, and Craft Distillery Licensees
  • BIP-03-2010 - Craft Distilleries Contract Producing Spirits
  • BIP-04-2010 - Beer and Wine Tasting in Grocery Stores
  • BIP-01-2010 - Outside One Time Events at Private Clubs
  • BIP-10-2009 - Restrictions on Spirits/Wine and Beer/Wine Restaurant Licensees for Dinner Theater (Cinema) venues
  • BIP-March-1-2000 - Approval of Beer, Wine, and Spirits Labels
  • BIP-02-01-2001 - Advertising v. Information for the Purpose of Determining the Extension of Money's Worth
  • BIP-1-02 - Use of Licensed Sports Team Name and Trademark
  • BIP-01-05 - Advertising of Events Held at Sports/Entertainment Facilities Licensed Under RCW 66.24.570
  • BIP-08-2009 - Cigarette and Tobacco Licensing
  • BIP-07-2009 - Beer and Wine Regulation Implementation of EHB 2040
  • BIP-06-2009 - Nightclub Liquor License Implementation of SSB 5367
  • BIP-04-2009 - Delegation of Authority to Make Threshold Decisions on Liquor License Applications and Renewals
  • BIP-03-2009 - Washington Domestic Winery Returning Exported Product back to Producing Winery
  • BIP-2008-01 - Guidelines and Procedure in Conducting the Pilot Study of Wine and Beer Tasting in Grocery Stores (Chapter 305, Laws of 2008)
  • BIP-01-02 - Floor Space Requirements and Activities on Premises with Retail Liquor Licensees (inactive due to rulemaking)
  • BIP-01-01 - Deferring Administrative Liquor Violation

Questions related to WSLCB Interim Policies can be directed to:

Karen McCall
Senior Policy/Legislative Analyst
3000 Pacific Ave. S.E.
Olympia, WA 98501
(360) 664-1631

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