Giving Away Hand Sanitizer and Masks

Giving Away Hand Sanitizer and Masks – Cannabis Retailers

Re-Activated Allowance through June 1, 2022
Applies to:
  Cannabis Retailers

Due to the COVID-19 impacts, requests have been made by licensed cannabis retailers for the ability to sell or give away free hand sanitizer and face masks.

Currently giveaways are not allowable under WAC 314-55-155(4), and sales that are not marijuana or paraphernalia are not allowed under RCW 69.50.357. In efforts to promote community safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, the LCB will not enforce provision of WAC 314-55-155(4) as it relates to giving away hand sanitizer and face masks, and RCW 69.50.357 as it relates to selling hand sanitizer and face masks so long as the following conditions are met:

  • The only giveaways are hand sanitizer and face masks for purposes of COVID-19 health compliance;
  • The hand sanitizer does not contain THC, CBD, or hemp derived products;
  • The hand sanitizer was made with the approved FDA recipe;
  • The hand sanitizer container or face masks were not provided to the retailer for free by any licensed cannabis producer, processor, transporter, lab, or other marijuana industry member;
  • The hand sanitizer or face masks do not contain any brand advertising of any cannabis, CBD, or hemp product;
  • The free hand sanitizer or masks may not be advertised as a giveaway or free promotional item;
  • The hand sanitizer or face masks may not be conditional on a sale of other product; and
  • Any sales of hand sanitizer or facemasks may not be bundled with other product for purchase.




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