Renting Kitchens to Non-Licensees

Effective Until: September 30, 2022
Applies To:
  Liquor licensees with kitchens

The LCB will allow liquor licensees with kitchens to rent out their kitchen space to food establishment businesses for the purposes of food preparation and cooking. In order to take advantage of this allowance, the following parameters must be followed:

  • The renter does not have ownership interest in any liquor-licensed business;
  • The renter takes the final food product 'to-go" and does not serve customers in the liquor licensed business;
  • The renter cooks and prepares food outside of the public service hours of the liquor licensee;
  • The liquor licensee secures or removes alcohol during the hours the renter is cooking and preparing food;
    Examples of securing or removing alcohol include:
    • Locking (with a key and padlock) alcohol behind a gate, cabinet, or tap lock (if taps are present);
    • Locking access to the part of the establishment that contains alcohol during the hours the renter is present; and
    • Physically removing alcohol from the licensed premise during the hours the renter is present.
  • There is a standard operating contract that excludes any profit sharing between the liquor licensee and the renter;
  • The liquor licensee and renter follow public health and workplace safety guidelines. For more information, licensees and renters are encouraged to contact their local health department and the Department of Labor and Industries; and
  • The liquor licensee must submit a business agreement or contract to the WSLCB Licensing Division prior to execution of the business agreement or contract. This agreement or contract must detail how the preceding requirements will be met. Please submit any documents to



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