Online Silent Auctions of Alcohol

Effective Until:  September 30, 2022
Applies To: 
Non-Profits holding a special occasion license

The WSLCB will allow not-for-profit charity organizations to engage in online silent auctions of alcohol if the following parameters are followed:

  • The non-profit organization obtains a special occasion license from the WSLCB;
  • Each online silent auction must not exceed one, 7-day week in length;
  • The alcohol to be auctioned must be located at the non-profit organization’s office or headquarters;
  • The non-profit organization directly collects the money from the sale of alcohol;
  • The winners of the online silent auction are announced during the licensed period – (through a moderator in real time, or electronic notifications); and
  • Alcohol is picked up by the winners at the non-profit organization’s office or headquarters, or is shipped from this location directly to the winner’s address.** ID must be checked on delivery or pick-up to ensure the customer is 21 or older.



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