Systems Modernization Project

Upgrading the way we work


  • The WSLCB uses a variety of costly, labor intensive standalone systems, some not supported
  • Current systems increase the agency’s risk related to data security, data integrity, and the potential for catastrophic failure
  • System of record is outdated (over 30 years old)
  • Maintaining outdated systems requires extensive specialized resources with minimal return
  • Agency customer service is hampered by old systems that are inflexible and incapable of upgrade



  • Legislation authorized the agency to impose a temporary additional fee of 6.2 percent on most new and renewed licenses for a two-year period to fund the project
  • Industry members, stakeholders and licensees supported the temporary increase
  • Approved for $1.5 million from the state IT investment pool
  • WSLCB is also paying out of its own operating budget for the project



  • Reduce agency risk by bringing systems up to current industry standards regarding data, security and accessibility
  • Dramatically increase customer self-service capabilities
  • Automate processes that are currently done manually
  • Increased transparency


Key Milestones

  • Estimated Spring 2018 launch date
  • Paladin Data Systems has been contracted to replace the Licensing and Enforcement Case Management System using its SMARTGOV software system
  • All agency business processes have been mapped in both current and desired future state
  • Paladin and agency staff are working on data migration


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