Systems Modernization Project

Upgrading the way we work


The Liquor and Cannabis Board and Paladin Data Systems have mutually agreed to end our contract for the Systems Modernization Project.Rather than continue devoting resources to a system that would not serve our customers and staff in the manner envisioned, we have decided to cancel the contract. Paladin has a good product, it’s just not the right solution for the LCB.
Moving Forward
While we are ending the contract we have learned a significant amount that should accelerate the process moving forward. This engagement has helped us better understand our own business requirements, identified features necessary for the new system, and required us to map all of our business processes to name a few. The work that has already been completed will reduce the time necessary to bring the next vendor up to speed.
Next Steps
This announcement is not the end of the Systems Modernization Project but it does signal a setback. The project will continue and our goal remains unchanged; a modern system that meets the business needs of our staff and customers, both today and in the future. There are many issues to be decided in the coming months and staff are diligently working out the details of those issues. We are in the process of conducting a thorough after action/lessons learned exercise to identify what we’ve learned and where we can improve. Results from those actions will be used to refine the requirements for a new vendor. We will communicate decisions as they are made and results as they are learned. In the interim if you have questions or concerns please reach out to your LCB contact.



  • The WSLCB uses a variety of costly, labor intensive standalone systems, some not supported
  • Current systems increase the agency’s risk related to data security, data integrity, and the potential for catastrophic failure
  • System of record is outdated (over 30 years old)
  • Maintaining outdated systems requires extensive specialized resources with minimal return
  • Agency customer service is hampered by old systems that are inflexible and incapable of upgrade



  • Legislation authorized the agency to impose a temporary additional fee of 6.2 percent on most new and renewed licenses for a two-year period to fund the project
  • Industry members, stakeholders and licensees supported the temporary increase
  • Approved for $1.5 million from the state IT investment pool
  • WSLCB is also paying out of its own operating budget for the project



  • Reduce agency risk by bringing systems up to current industry standards regarding data, security and accessibility
  • Dramatically increase customer self-service capabilities
  • Automate processes that are currently done manually
  • Increased transparency



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