Traceability FAQs

What requirements will I have to meet with the new traceability system?
The LEAF system will initially be set up to allow you to enter data freely. It will not prompt you to correct entries that conflict with law or rule. When the system is first launched, you won’t receive many alerts or messages to warn you that you’ve entered information that is out of compliance. Some rules and specific messages will be added through system updates over time. While the system will not stop you from entering incorrect or noncompliant information, it will allow for corrections to incorrect data entries.
When will training begin, and when will I be able to log into the state traceability site in a training or testing mode to familiarize myself and/or my employees with the system?
By mid-September, live and recorded webinars on how to use and navigate LEAF will become available. Live training sessions will be scheduled in early October in cities on both the eastern and western sides of the mountains.  Training dates/locations will be published on the LCB website ( as soon as this information is available. Access to the state traceability site will be made available when training begins, in September.  
There has been some discussion about the nature of the data that’s been provided from the current vendor. Are there any challenges with the data and what impact will it have to the project?
Yes. WSLCB has faced some challenges with receiving data in a useable manner from the current vendor. If this issue remains when it's time to transition to the new LEAF system, WSLCB and MJ Freeway have established primary and contingency plans to address risks and issues.
WIth both plans, licensee cooperation is essential. In one scenario, WSLCB with work directly with licensees to collect data through the BioTrack API and third party (commercial) software. An alternate scenario would require licensees to transmit their traceability data to the new LEAF system via their commercial software providers, by means of CSV file, and/or by manually entering data into the new LEAF system. If it's necessary to utilize one of the contingency plans, more details will be provided. 
Will my entire inventory have to be re-tagged with new bar codes/IDs?
No. The new traceability system will honor your current inventory’s ID sequencing, and the vendor will migrate your current plant/product numbering convention to the new platform. 
Will I have to change the commercial software I use to run my business? 
No. Your commercial software provider will need to validate their product(s) against the LEAF API in order to integrate with the system. Make sure your third party software provider has completed MJ Freeway’s software validation process. Information for integrators can be found at
Is it a good time to switch from my commercial software to the new free LEAF system?
No, it's not a good time to switch from your commercial (third party) software to the new LEAF system. Doing so now could place your data at risk. WSLCB has faced challenges in obtaining data from BioTrack to perform a mass conversion. Your third party software provider may be part of the solution for uploading and converting data to the new system if the primary plan is unsuccessful. WSLCB hopes to avoid having licensees manually upload data. 
Will I need a Secure Access Washington (SAW) account if I use third party commercial software to report traceability data?
Yes, you will need a SAW account to access and use the new LEAF system. A SAW account is a state requirement for businesses interacting with state government agencies. The sign-on process to the new LEAF system will be integrated with SAW so that you'll only have to log in once, through a combined portal. 
82% of Marijuana licensees already have SAW accounts, but chances are some of your employees may nnot have registered with SAW. Please have your staff members who will interact with the new LEAF system sign up for their own SAW account at
It's easy to do, and only takes a few minutes. 
If your business operates third party software that integrates with the traceability system's API, your business will need to upload traceability data if the integration doesn't work, or fails for some reason.
In addition, all licensees are required to validate with the new LEAF system for contingency purposes. Part of the validation process requires you to have a SAW account. This means whether or not your business uses a commercial (third party) software system, SAW access will be required to validate with the new LEAF system. 
Will the agency grant a moratorium on, or otherwise relax, licensee responsibilities for maintaining and reporting traceability data during the transition?
No.  State law requires licensees to maintain and report current inventory at all times, even during a system transition. 
Is it true that MJ Freeway won’t provide data for public records requests? 
No, this is not true.  As WSLCB’s Marijuana Traceability system contractor, MJ Freeway will provide the data to support public records requests as required by law.   
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