Distillery FAQ



How many gallons of spirits can I produce as a craft distiller?
A craft distillery can produce 150,000 gallons or less a year.

How much product can I sell to customers at my craft distillery?
You may sell two liters per day per person of spirits of your own production for off-premises consumption. Sales must be reported monthly to the Liquor and Cannabis Board (see below).

What is the process for selling my product at my craft distillery?
All spirits must be sold at Washington liquor stores, with the exception of the product you can sell at your distillery.

In order to sell product at your distillery, you must follow this process:

  • After completing the standard quotation form, you will obtain a retail price from the WSLCB Purchasing Division (call 360-664-1600). This price will include state and federal taxes and the state markup.
  • You must sell your product at your distillery at the WSLCB retail price.
  • You must report any sales and production to the WSLCB Financial Division using the Craft Distillery Report Form.
  • You will be required to submit a payment based on your sales in Washington.
  • Product that you produce and sell at your distillery does not have to be transported to the WSLCB Distribution Center.

When are my tax reports due?
Tax reports must be postmarked on or before the 20th of the month following activity. A report must be filed each month, including those months when there is no activity. When the 20th falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday, the filing must be postmarked by the U.S. Postal Service no later than the next postal business day. If you do not have any activity to report, you can file tax reports in advance.

Producing spirits as a hobby

I want to make small amounts of distilled spirits as a hobby. Is this legal?
No, it is illegal to produce distilled spirits without a license. 


Spirit samples

Can I have a tasting room?
Yes, you may have a tasting room that is physically separated from the production site. Retail sampling and sales cannot occur in the TTB bonded area.

Can I sell samples of my distilled spirits to customers?
No, sales of samples of spirits to customers are not allowed.

Can I offer free samples to customers?
A craft distillery may offer a maximum of two ounces per person per day free of charge at the distillery. An employee involved in the service of samples must have a Mandatory Alcohol Server Training Permit. You must report these samples on your Craft Distillery Tax Form.

Can I charge for using the glass for the sample?
No, the sampling offered at the craft distillery must be offered free of charge. You can charge for a glass that the customer keeps (i.e. a commemorative glass), but it cannot be required that the customer purchase the glass to receive the sample.

Can I put soda or water in my samples?
No, the craft distillery or customer cannot add anything to a sample. The sample must be unaltered.


Special occasion events

How can craft distilleries participate in a special occasion event?

  • A distillery or representative of a distillery can donate product to a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) nonprofit.
  • A distillery representative can pour and educate the public about their spirits.
  • Please remember that the event is operated by the special occasion licensee, not the manufacturer.
  • A distillery may not sell spirits to the public during these events.
  • A distillery may not donate money of any kind to these events (booth fees, sponsorship)
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