I-1183 Transition

With the passage of Initiative 1183, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) will cease state liquor store and liquor distribution operations by June 1, 2012. Contract liquor stores - which are operated by small business owners - may continue to sell spirits, but state-run liquor stores will be closed. The Seattle Distribution Center - which supplies state and contract liquor stores with spirits - and its assets will be sold.

The private sector will be allowed to sell and distribute spirits with the proper liquor licenses. Several laws related to the three-tier system will also be changed.

Latest information
The WSLCB will post updates about the transition to private liquor sales and distribution in this section of the LCB website as they become available. For example, the WSLCB may post letters to stakeholders and information on new liquor license types. The rest of the WSLCB website will be updated as appropriate.

Click on a category to the left to see information.

Administration of spirits taxes
The Department of Revenue has a section of its website dedicated to the administration of spirits taxes. The site includes basic information, fact sheets, and updates. Please visit dor.wa.gov/spirits for more information.


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